About Us

With the successful launching of Amano Environmental Systems in India, we have been entrusted by our Principals to launch yet another product of Amano LED Lightining Lights & Bulbs - specially designed for all purpose. As all Amano products are Internationally acclaimed for its high quality & reliability, launching Amano LED Lightining Lightings has added another feather to their cap. Looking at the overwhelming response for Amano LED Lightining Lights in other parts of the world, we took it as a challenge to introduce these Energy Saving products in India too as cutting cost at every stage is in the interest of every manufacturer and we forsee that nothing can compete the quality of Amano LED Lightining Lights!

LED LIGHTING technology presented by our Principals is the best solution of Energy saving and conservation in various industries, office and commercial building, decreasing energy cost consumption (reduce electricity expense & unit consumption) , friendly to environment and reduce carbon footprint . We aims to serve our customer and dealer best with high quality LED product and services and strong support in LED LIGHTING design solution, installation maintenance and after sales services

Please log on to the below web-link to know more about Amano - LED Industrial Lighting as anyone who does not compromise on quality and at the same time concerned about economy, would get attracted with its salient features!!